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I asked my daughter, Caroline Behringer, to write an update to my last post entitled “How do we get beyond Kyoto?”.  Caroline’s report provides an insider view on what occurred in Durban and is  posted below.

*Disclaimer: Title borrowed from a reporter at ClimateWire, who wrote what I believe to be the best account of the drama that unfolded during the final hours of the Durban climate negotiations (“How a Belligerent, Sleep-Deprived Crowd in Durban Arrived at Consensus”).

Sunday morning in the closing plenary (credit: AFP)

It’s 4:00am on Sunday morning, and I’m sitting on the floor in the back of a giant conference room in the International Convention Center in Durban, South Africa. We’ve been here for more than two weeks for the UN COP17 climate change negotiations. The space is filled with delegates from nearly 200 countries seated in rows facing the front of the room. I am fighting fatigue so that I can send updates to the media as quickly as possible, but my colleagues and dozens of others are spread out across the floor sleeping for the first time in three days.


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Caroline (left) marching with WWF in Durban

My 25-year old daughter, Caroline, is in Durban, South Africa for the Climate Change Conference.  Caroline is covering this 17th annual UN Conference, known as “COP 17”, as a media specialist with the World Wildlife Fund.  Caroline has been communicating with us daily on what’s happening in Durban, including her participation in the Global Day of Action march.

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