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I grew up as the eldest of 4 siblings during the 50’s and 60’s in suburbia America. I was an environmentalist in the 70’s, during which time I worked as a biologist with the US Fish and Wildlife Service in the mid-Atlantic region. My desire to save the world propelled me to become a lawyer in the 80’s. My husband, Peter, and I, raised our 3 kids in St. Croix, in the US Virgin Islands where we lived for 10 wonderful years. Hurricane Marilyn in 1995 blew us back to Maryland in the mid-90’s at which time I joined the world of international law firms. In 2003, I moved with my 17 year old twins to Qatar in order to establish a Middle East office for my DC law firm. I currently practice law in my independent practice which focuses on advising US companies on doing business internationally. I view blogging as a way to put down my observations and unconventional thoughts in a short coherent way. It is my hope that some of my essays will stimulate debate and challenge views. These are personal histories based on my life experience and views. To the extent that I talk about other family members and friends in my blogs, I apologize in advance in the event I cause offense. It is not my intention to do so, but I realize that I cannot always anticipate how some of my thinking may affect others. I welcome your feedback and comments. Many thanks for reading my blog.

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