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Nadine from Prudential's new ad

I have become a big fan of Nadine, Prudential’s 65-year-old retiree who happily proclaims “I don’t know how much money I need, but I know whatever I have I’m going to live within.” She certainly speaks for me and many of my fellow Boomers who are approaching retirement age without enough savings to maintain our current lifestyle.

The first Boomers started turning 65 last year. Over the next 18 years, 10,000 Boomers will turn 65 every day. (more…)


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Canvasback duck

We are all feeling the impacts of declining economies in Greece and Italy. These two member countries of the 17-member “Eurozone” are impacting global stock markets as they struggle to service their debt with declining revenues. These defaulting countries are risking the survival of the Euro, the common currency of Eurozone members. To avoid a “catastrophic collapse,” Germany has taken the lead to offer solutions which if successful, will save the Euro at the expense of the citizens of Greece, Italy and other struggling European countries who will be forced to accept a more austere lifestyle. So what does this have to do with ducks?

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I had to laugh last week when President Obama addressed South Korea’s President Lee Myung-bak with his remarks in support of the new Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between our countries:

“The FTA will open Korea’s lucrative services market and I’m very pleased that it will help level the playing field for American automakers. Just as Americans buy Hyundais and Kias, I hope South Koreans will buy more Fords, Chryslers and Chevys.”

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