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This Presidential election really matters.  It sounds so trite to say this. We have weathered a year of Republican primaries with every candidate putting forth their vision for “saving” America. Over the next six months, the country will witness the most costly campaigns ever waged in each party’s efforts to control the Congress and White House. But what really is at stake in this election is the US Supreme Court. (more…)


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Margaret and Denis Thatcher (photo credit: Martin Cleaver/AP)

There is a scene in the new movie “Iron Lady” which made me cry. When Sir Denis Thatcher asks Margaret Roberts, the daughter of a grocer to marry him, she tells him that she cannot be a typical wife who stays home washing tea cups. His immediate response was that her passion for a political life is exactly why he wanted to marry her. This unusual proposal took place in 1950 Britain, when few women were working, let alone in Parliament.

This historic partnership, which began when Margaret and Denis married in 1951, enabled Margaret to become a barrister and Britain’s first female Prime Minister. Throughout her political career, Denis remained fully supportive as both Lady Margaret’s husband and full-time father to their twins. The movie portrays Denis as a man well before his times, one who was comfortable being married to a strong, successful woman.

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